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Every Ask Makes a Difference.

It is amazing what one little balloon can do… especially when it is combined with lots of other balloons!

I was visiting my Dairy Queen locations right before Miracle Treat Day and noticed each of these stores had been doing a great job of sharing our message since the beginning of their campaign.  How did I know?  Their walls were filled with Miracle Balloons!  Just like the picture here shows.

This means that associates in each of these stores took the time to ask a customer if they’d like to donate to Children’s Miracle Network at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital.  Very few customers will notice the balloons on the wall themselves and ask if they can donate.  Most often, a donation takes an “Ask”.

Some Asks will receive a “no” answer.  Some Asks will receive a “yes” answer.  Some Asks will even receive a “you betcha!” answer.  One thing is for certain, if there is no Ask, there is no answer.

So THANK YOU to all of the associates in ALL of our Corporate Partner locations who dare to ask!!!  This makes a huge difference for our kids in Southwest Louisiana!