Turn Your Presents into Miracles!

Tired of getting presents for your birthday???

We have the perfect solution!!!

When you join My Miracle Birthday, instead of getting presents, we help you invite your friends and family to donate to your local Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) efforts at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital and CHRISTUS Lake Area Hospital.

Need to know why these efforts are so important? Because of kids like Logan and Mason:

Logan and Mason, soon to be 6 years old, were born at 23 weeks and 6 days. They were not expected to live past their first week. From the day they were born, they have been in more hospitals and doctor’s offices than many of us will ever see! They really are walking miracles! They are happy and smart and they love each other and their family. The world definitely is a better place because they are here!

It takes special people and equipment to treat children like Logan and Mason.

This is what the CMN efforts at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital and CHRISTUS Lake Area Hospital are really all about.

And you can help us by joining My Miracle Birthday program.

Whether your birthday is 364 days away or 30 days away, by joining now we make it easy for you to share your involvement with your friends and family. Who knows? Maybe they will follow your lead and donate their birthdays, too!

The kids that will benefit from the donations you raise could be recovering from traumatic injuries, facing important surgeries or trying desperately to grow after being born prematurely, like Logan and Mason did.

Visit MyMiracleBirthday.org and join us by using your birthday to help CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital and CHRISTUS Lake Area Hospital provide life-saving care for local kids.

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